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Good Deeds

Walk Zest & Good Deeds

Doing ‘good deeds’ is the third important pillar for what Walk Zest stands for – the other two being: Lifestyle Fitness and Networking. And while we are making gradual efforts in this space, I am really encouraged and enthusiastic by the participation of our Walk Zesters so far. All indications show that we are just getting started!

As a not-for-profit organisation, a key objective of the Walk Zest Foundation is to lerverage the common interests of it's members to support societal good deeds within our communities. To date, these efforts have touched a range of topics including special needs awareness, homeless babies and children, helping the elderly, domestic violence and diabetes awareness to mention a few. We look forward to doing much more.

We welcome contact from organisations wishing to collaborate.

Below are some of our stories and photos.

Walk Zest & Good Deeds 2016

Walk Zest & Good Deeds 2017

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