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Members Quotes

What our member are saying - Quotes from Our Members

“It's little steps taken every day that counts as they add up daily. I find fun ways to move, I dance, skip, walk, play with my kids. It has to be fun too, so I will keep coming back for more.”

ADESHOLA - Iju/College Road

“I walk and exercise for me. No one feels the pain, the joy or the difference in my body... just me. I do it for my own benefit"

MARK - Alimosho

“If I don't work at beating the sedentary lifestyle, wetin I gain?”

TAIWO - Ijebu Ode

“Mine was a mental mindset and the fact that have seen the difference between the old and the new me.”

MOSES - Ogba

“It takes self-love and motivation with a goal to keep going. Sometimes it’s my escape.”


“The heart that exercises, is the heart that grows healthy everyday!!”


“I have persevered in beating the sedentary lifestyle by setting personal targets and also beating those targets”


“Some years back I could barely walk 1km and catching my breath was an issue. Well now I find myself to be as active as ever as I can now walk 12km. Also, my health has improved drastically.”

LOLADE - Ijebu Ode

“Whichever way you look at it, it is a win-win structure designed to bring the best out in you. The ultimate beauty and reward comes from engaging and tapping into all 3 focal points of what Walk Zest embodies.”

KOLA - Iju/Colleague Road

“A journey taken with a friend is more fun! It always seems easier when you do it with others. Others also keep you accountable, inspired & motivated. Seeing others do it make me feel I can do it too... And eventually, I do it.”

ADESHOLA - Iju-College Road

“Walk Zester goals and objectives align with my goals and objectives especially now that I seek significance in touching lives”

MOSES - Ogba

“To be a Walk Zester means living a healthy life.”

OLAKANMI - Abeokuta

“It’s a great way to get fit and healthy and stay conscious of healthy living.”

MARK - Alimosho

“There is great opportunity and achievement in team spirit.”


“I joined Walk Zest to have fun and unwind from my day to day activities. I have also met amazing people as we have become a family.”

LOLADE - Ijebu Ode

“Walk Zesters motivate one to exercise more.”

WINNE - Ijebu Ode

“I think the real question should be ‘why not?’ Walk Zest is a platform that promotes healthy lifestyle, good deeds and networking in one body .”

KOLA - Iju-College Road